Hutton, Illinois

City: Hutton

County: Coles

State: Illinois

Lat/Long: 39.4000, -88.0833

Hutton is a village in Coles County, Illinois. Situated in Hutton Township in the southeast portion of Coles County southeast of Charleston, the area that would become Hutton first attached white settlers in 1824. Proprietors laid out the village in December 1837. Settlers first called the village Stewart, but when the U.S. Post Office Department established a post office in the village, the name Stewart was already taken, so they chose the name Ashby. The name Ashby was very close to the name Ashley, leading mail being delivered to the wrong location. In December 1861, village leaders settled on the name Hutton for the post office and Salisbury for the village. The village and Hutton Township were politically supportive of the Democratic Party.

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