. . .a circuit court shall be held for said county at some convenient place in the village of Petersburg untill the public buildings shall [be?] erected. The times for holding said court shall be appointed by the Judge presiding on said circuit.
Section 4th All justices of the peace and constables now commissioned in and for the county of Sangamon that now reside in ^within^ the boundaries of the aforesaid county [of?] Van Buren shall hold their offices in and for the said ^new^ County of Van Buren.
Section 5th The legal voters of said county shall meet at the several precincts now organized for holding elections within the above boundaries on the first monday in April next, appoint judges and clerks of elections and proceed to elect three county Commissioners, a sheriff, a Coroner a County Surveyor and County Recorder for said county; and the returns for of said election shall be made by said judges and clerks to the justices of peace in said ^new^ county of Van Buren any three or more of whom shall meet at the village of Petersburg within seven days after said election and proceed to open said returns and in all things perform the duties required by law of the clerks of County Commissioners courts and justices of the peace in like cases.
section 6th In all elections for officers, except court officers, the court shall vote with the county of Sangamon untill the next census [and?] the returns of the elections shall be made to the county clerk of the ^new^ County of Van Buren by whom a certified abstract of the [?] shall be [?] the county
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[?] represented in the General Assembly [?] Country [?] within [?] boundaries to wit: Beginning [?] the next [?] the north line [?] North west [?] corner of Township No. eight [?] No. five West, thence diag[onally] [?]five six and seven West to the [?] corner of Township No. seventh [?] No Seven West thence West [?] between Township No Sixteen [?] [Seventeen?] to the line between [?] Morgan County, thence North along the line between Sangamon and Morgan counties to the Sangamon river, thence [?] channel of said Sangamon river [?] junction with the Illinois river and thence following the meanders of Illinois river to the place of beginning, shall constitute [?]
section [?] buildings [?] shall be [?]
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commissioners clerk of Sangamon county within [seven?] days thereafter.
Section 7th Be it further enacted that the legal voters of said of the County of Sangamon shall meet at the several places of holding elections [in?] said county on the first monday of [?] and [?] the county be organized [?] provided for but if a majority of said voters shall [?]organization of said ^new^ county [?] act be void [?].
[ docketing ]
[ docketing ]
[ docketing ]
An Act ^A Bill^ for the Organization of the county [of Van Buren?]
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[to be ]Engrossed
Clk H. R.
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Handwritten Document, 4 page(s), Folder 17, HB 17, GA Session: 10-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL)