Report of James Strawbridge, Levi Cantrall, and Abraham Lincoln to the Sangamon County Commissioners' Court, 4 November 18341
To the county commissioner’s court for the county of Sangamon—
We the undersigned being appointed to view and relocate a part of the road between Sangamon town and the town of Athens— respectfully report that we have performed the duty of said appointment according to law— and that we have made the said relocation on good ground— and believe the same to be necessary and proper—
James StrawbridgeLevi CantrallA. LincolnHerewith is the map— The court may allow me the following charges if they think proper—
1 day’s labour as surveyor— $3.00
Making map— 50
A. Lincoln2

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Lincoln & others

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Map in Lincoln’s hand.

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Platted and entered
1Abraham Lincoln wrote the entirety of the text on page one, except for Strawbridge and Cantrall’s signatures.
2Lincoln’s survey map depicts the section of road with Athens to the south and the boundary line of Township 17 North at the north end. That notation was an error, as Township 17 North is south of Athens, rather than north as Lincoln’s map indicates. Lincoln’s map actually shows the location of the road from Athens northward to the boundary line of Township 18 North, rather than 17 North.
On December 1, the Sangamon County Commissioners’ Court accepted the report and survey, ordered the road to be opened, and allowed Lincoln $3.50 for his services as surveyor.
Sangamon County Commissioners Court Record Book D (1833-1840), 101-102, Manuscripts Division, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Springfield IL.

Autograph Document Signed, 4 page(s), Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL).