Public Notice of Lost Horse, 26 March 1836
FROM a stable in Springfield, on Wednesday, 18th inst.1 a large bay horse, star in his forehead, plainly marked with harness, supposed to be eight years old; had been shod all round, but is believed to have lost some of his shoes, and trots and paces. Any person who will take up said horse, and leave information at the Journal office, or with the subscriber at New-salem, shall be liberally paid for their trouble.2
1March 18, 1836, was, in fact, a Friday.
2Missing horses were a common problem in the antebellum Midwest due to poor fencing and theft. It is unknown whether Lincoln reclaimed this lost horse.

Printed Document, 1 page(s), Sangamo Journal (Springfield, IL) , 26 March 1836, 2:7.