Abraham Lincoln to Levi Davis, 19 April 18371
Friend Davis.
The bearer of this, Dr Henry, visits you for the purpose of drawing a small amount of money to enable the Commissioners to commence the erection of a State House. He, as you probably recollect, is one of the building commissioners.2 The bond for the $50,000 required by the act locating the Seat of Government, has been executed by several of our citizens and duly approved by the Governor; and will be filed with the Treasurer, by Dr Henry on his arrival at your town. The Dr, being a stranger to you and the Treasurer, and his duties being of a new kind, he has asked me to request you, as a friend, to render him what assistance you conveniently can.
We have, generally in this country, peace, health, and plenty, and no news.
Verry respectfully:A. Lincoln.
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Mr Levi Davis EsqrVandaliaIlls
per. Dr A. G. Henry
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A Lincoln
1This letter, including the address on the back page, was written entirely by Abraham Lincoln.
2On March 3, 1837, the Illinois General Assembly had passed legislation making Henry one of four commissioners for the construction of a statehouse in the new capital of Springfield.

Autograph Letter Signed, 2 page(s), Huntington Library (San Marino, CA).