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In force, Feb. 3d, 1837
AN ACT supplemental to an act to permanently locate the Seat of Government of Illinois.
County com’rs of Sangamon to convey to Government the public square in Springfield
To build State house and other public buildings, and commissioners appointed to superintend
To give bond.
Sec.[Section] 1. Be it enacted by the people of the State of Illinois represented in the General Assembly,2 That the county commissioners’ court of Sangamon county is hereby authorised and empowered to convey to the Governor of the state of Illinois, for the use of the people of said State, all that piece or parcel of ground situate, lying and being in the town of Springfield, county of Sangamon and State of Illinois, known as the “public square,” containing two and a half acres, be the same more or less, upon which piece or parcel of ground when surveyed as aforesaid, shall be erected a State House and other necessary public buildings for the State of Illinois. Archibald Job, of the county of Morgan, A. G. Henry, Thomas Houghan, of Sangamon county, are hereby appointed commissioners to superintend the erection of the public buildings aforesaid, who, before they enter upon the discharge of their duty shall enter into bond to the Governor of this State, with approved security in the penalty of ten thousand dollars each, conditioned for the faithful performance of their duties, and shall severally take an oath, that they will well and truly and diligently discharge all their duties as commissioners to superintend the erection of public buildings. They shall cause to be erected a building of suitable size for a State House, upon the most approved and convenient plan and providing the necessary offices and committee rooms for public use. Said commissioners shall stipulate for all payments to be made out of the fund appropriated for that purpose and no other, and they shall be allowed three dollars per day for their services, out of the same fund.
Sec. 2. If the county commissioners’ court of Sangamon county shall fail to survey the lot of land herein contemplated, the said commissioners shall procure a suitable and convenient lot of ground for the purposes aforesaid.
Approved 3d March, 1837.
1On February 13, 1837, William Thomas introduced SB 224, originally titled “An Act to Limit the Powers of Incorporated Towns,” in the Senate. On March 1, from the select committee to which the Senate referred the bill, Thomas reported a substitute bill entitled “An act supplemental to the act to permanently locate the seat of government of Illinois.” The Senate passed the bill and referred it to the House. Although the date on which the House passed the bill is not noted in the House Journal, on March 3, the Council of Revision approved the bill, and the act became law.
Illinois House Journal. 1836. 10th G.A., 1st sess., 775, 819; Illinois Senate Journal. 1836. 10th G.A., 1st sess., 406, 478, 564, 608-609, 611-612.
2On March 1, the Senate substituted the original bill.
Illinois Senate Journal. 1836. 10th G.A., 1st sess., 564.

Printed Document, 1 page(s), Laws of the State of Illinois, Passed by the Tenth General Assembly (Vandalia, IL: William Walters, 1837), 322, GA Session: 10-1