Job, Archibald

Born: 1784-03-10 Baltimore, Maryland

Died: 1874-03-10 Ashland, Illinois

Flourished: Cass County, Illinois

Alternate name: Jobs

Job first settled in Beardstown before moving to an area he called "Sylvan Grove," which is now the town of Virginia, Illinois, by 1821. He served three terms in the Illinois General Assembly, representing Greene and Morgan counties in the House of Representatives from 1824 to 1826 and representing Morgan County in the Senate from 1826 to 1830. In 1839, he was appointed one of the commissioners to supervise the construction of the new state house in Springfield after the capital had been moved there from Vandalia. He was married to Jane Brierly, with whom he raised a large family. In addition to his political work, Job was a farmer in Cass County. By 1860, he owned over $4,000 worth of real estate. Politically, Job was a Whig.

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