A Bill to Authorize the Collector of --- County to Collect Taxes, [10 December 1839]1
A Bill for an act to authorize the Collector ofcounty collect certain taxes therein named—2
Be it enacted by the people of the state of Illinois represented in the) (General Assembly,) that the collector ofcounty be authorized to collect all taxes now due from the inhabitants of that portion of Sangamon county lying within the following bound [ary] towit. Begining at the South West corner of Section Three in Township Seventeen North of Range Six West thence North four miles by the surveys, thence East with the surveys ^ten^ [five?] ^six^ miles; thence South with the surveys two miles; thence West with the surveys three ^nine^ miles; thence South with the surveys two miles; then West with the surveys one mile to the begining—

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A Bill for an act to authorize the collector of county to collect certain taxes therein named
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1Abraham Lincoln wrote the text of the bill in its entirety.
2Lincoln introduced this bill in the House of Representatives on December 10, 1839. Later in the session, the substance of this bill in amended form would become section two of another bill which passed the House on January 30, 1840.
Illinois House Journal. 1839. 11th G. A., special sess., 6, 298.

Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Lincoln Collection, Box 2, Folder 15, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL).