Abraham Lincoln to Richard S. Thomas, 19 June 18481
Friend Thomas:
Do you know any democrats who will vote for Taylor? and if so, what are their names? Do you know any Whigs who will not vote for him? and if so, what are their names? and for whom will they vote?2
Please answer this just as soon as it is received.
Yours as EverA. Lincoln
1Abraham Lincoln did not write or sign this letter, but it is attributed to him. The original has not been located. Roy P. Basler, editor of The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, notes the existence of an envelope addressed by Lincoln to Thomas and postmarked June 20 from Washington, DC, that may have contained the original letter.
Roy P. Basler, ed., The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1953), 1:479.
2Lincoln is inquiring about Zachary Taylor’s prospects in the 1848 federal election in Cass County, Illinois, where Thomas lived.

Handwritten Transcription, 1 page(s), Volume Volume 2 , Herndon-Weik Collection of Lincolniana, Library of Congress (Washington, DC).