Milton K. Alexander to Abraham Lincoln, 6 June 18541
A. Lincoln Esqr[Esquire]Dear Sir
Some time since I had Mr Blackburn of this place to write you2 in reference to a town3 lot in Clinton. Dewitt Co. Ills,– [...?] ^belonging^ to me, which had been sold for taxes, and the time of redemption having Expired, and ^to^ desire4 you to [...?] ^examine^ the case and if possible recover the property.5 My object in desiring to recover the property is not so much on account of its value as the manner in which I have been treated in reference to it, I have not heard anything from you directly, and as I desire to have the matter [...?] ^investigated^ and the [...?] ^lot^ recovered if possible, write to you at present to suggest it the matter6 to you. I believe [...?] ^Mr^ B forwarded to you a description of the lot &c[etc.] please write me at your convenience in reference to it
Respectfully &cM. K. Alexander

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[ endorsement ]
It pains me to have to say that I forgot to attend to your business when I was in Clinton, at Court in May last–7 Your best way would be to address me a letter at Clinton, about the time I go there to court in the fall (Oct[October] 16th I think) and then it will be fresh, & I will not forget, or neglect it–
Yours trulyA. Lincoln8

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Gen: M. K. AlexanderParisEdgar Co[County]Illinois–SPRINGFIELD Ill.
JUN[June] 13
[ docketing ]
. . . was written . . . Lincoln9
1Milton K. Alexander wrote and signed this letter.
2No such letter has been found. Mr. Blackburn may have been Edgar County attorney John W. Blackburn.
3“town” written over “lot”.
4“desire” written over “engage”.
5Lincoln filed suit in DeWitt County Circuit Court on May 18, 1855 on Alexander’s behalf against John Warner in order to eject the latter from lot two, block twenty-one in Clinton. The suit was continued on October 15, 1855, at the agreement of the attorneys, and on May 12, 1856, the case was dismissed by Lincoln as plaintiff’s attorney.
The Lincoln Log: A Daily Chronology of the Life of Abraham Lincoln, 18 May 1855,; 15 October 1855,; 12 May 1856,; Alexander v. Warner, Martha L. Benner and Cullom Davis et al., eds., The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln: Complete Documentary Edition, 2d edition (Springfield: Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, 2009),
6“the matter” written over “you”.
7Between May 15 and May 20, 1854, Lincoln was in Clinton attending the DeWitt County Circuit Court, where he served as defense attorney in several cases brought against the Illinois Central Railroad Company.
8Lincoln wrote and signed this endorsement and addressed the envelope below that returned Alexander’s letter and this endorsement.
9An unknown person wrote this docketing.

Copy of Autograph Letter Signed, 3 page(s), Abraham Lincoln Association Files, Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL).