Check of Abraham Lincoln to Robert Irwin, 14 March 18571
$ 300=
At Sight After ( unpaid,)
Pay to Robert Irwin[Sty?] or Order Three Hundred x/100 Dollars
For Value Received, and charge to account of
To Mss.[Messieurs] Page & Bacon2
St Louis
Your Obedient Servant,A. Lincoln
[ docketing ]

<Page 2>
[ docketing ]
Pay Lucas Simonds or order Robt Irwin [try?]
Lucas & Simonds4
1Abraham Lincoln filled out and signed this partially printed document.
2The details of this check from Abraham Lincoln to Robert Irwin payable from Page & Bacon’s account are unknown.
Lincoln served as agent for Page & Bacon, Martha L. Benner and Cullom Davis et al., eds., The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln: Complete Documentary Edition, 2d edition (Springfield: Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, 2009),
3This text is written vertically across the body of the check.
4An unknown person wrote this docketing.

Partially Printed Document Signed, 2 page(s), Box 5, Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL).