Account in White & Williams v. Baxter, [6 November 1843]1
George Baxter2
To Wm H. White & Josiah Williams3 Dr4
To value of horse delivered $35–00
To failure to make brick according to contract $35–00.5
G George Baxter
To Wm H White
George. H. Baxter George. H. Baxter
George. H. Baxter
George H Baxter
[Defts?] a/c[account]
White & Williams
To Geo Baxter
To labor in moulding brick– $10.00

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[ docketing ]
White & Williams vs. Baxter
[ certification ]
Filed Nov. 6th 1843
N. Dresser clk[clerk]6
1Abraham Lincoln wrote the first section of the document.
In 1843, William H. White and Josiah Williams sued George H. Baxter for breach of contract, alleging that Baxter failed to deliver a load of bricks on time. The Justice of the Peace Court found for Baxter, and subsequently White and Williams retained Lincoln and appealed to the Menard County Circuit Court. The jury found for White and Williams, awarding $33.70.
White & Williams v. Baxter, Martha L. Benner and Cullom Davis et al., eds., The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln: Complete Documentary Edition, 2d edition (Springfield: Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, 2009),
2George Baxter could not be identified.
3Josiah Williams could not be identified.
4From the Latin word “debere,” meaning to debit.
5Lincoln’s handwriting ends here.
6Nathan Dresser wrote and signed his certification.

Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress (Washington, DC).