Dresser, Nathan

Born: 1805 Connecticut

Died: 1868-12-29 Anna, Illinois

The son of a Connecticut tailor, Dresser moved west sometime in the 1830s with two of his brothers, the Rev. Charles Dresser and Henry Dresser, and settled in Sangamon County, Illinois. In October 1837, he married Nancy E. Bennett in Sangamon County. In the 1840s, Nathan was a clerk of the Menard County Circuit Court and a resident of Petersburg, Illinois. He was involved in Whig politics and was a friend of Abraham Lincoln. He was affiliated with the southern division of the Illinois Central Railroad. In 1850, he was living with Nancy and two children (Alexander and Rebecca) in Naples, Illinois, where he was a lumber merchant. In 1860, he was a land agent living in Anna, Illinois, where he lived the rest of his life.

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