. . .The amount of damages so assessed, it shall be the duty of the county commissioners’ court to order to be paid out of the county treasury.
Sec.[Section] 33. The supervisors appointed by virtue of this act shall be required to give each person owing road labour three days notice of the time and place that they shall commence work, with such tools as shall be necessary for them to use. Any person shall be permitted to furnish a substitute aqually as himself to perform said road labour. All monies collected from delinquents not otherwise provided for in this act shall be expended by the supervisor in making or repairing roads or bridges in his district as he may deem expedient.
Sec 34. That all laws heretofore passed upon the subject of county roads be and the same are hereby repealed, but rights acquired or liabilities incured thereby are not hereby affected.
[ certification ]
David Prickett
Passed H. R. Decr 27th 1834
D. Prickett Clk[Clerk] H. R.

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[ docketing ]
[ docketing ]
A Bill for “an act” concerning public Roads
[ docketing ]
David Prickett
to be Enrolled as amended
Clk. H. R.
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laid on table
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Select Com.[Select Committee]
[?]Jas. Stephenson
1These legislators formed a select committee in the Senate that considered the bill.
Illinois Senate Journal. 1835. 9th G. A., 1st sess., 147.

Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Folder 11, HB 15, GA Session: 9-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,