Sec.[Section] 1st Be it enacted by the people of the State of Illinois Represented in the General Assembly,
^3 line^ That every person in this State who hath horses, cattle or ^4th^hogs shall have an ear mark or brands different from the ear mark or brands of all his neighbours which ear mark or brand he shall record with the clerk of the county commissioners court, where his horses ^8th^ cattle, and hogs are, for recording of which ear mark and brand the clerk shall be entitled to demand and receive the sum of twelve and a half cents, and every person shall brand horses with the said brand from eighteen months old and ^13th^ upwards and ear mark all his hogs from six months old and upwards, with the said ear mark; and ear mark or brand his cattle from nine months old and upwards with said ear mark or Brand, and if any dispute shall arise about any ear mark or brand, the same shall be decided ^19th^ by the Book of the clerk of the clerk of the county-commissioners court of the county where ^21th^ such horses cattle, or hogs are,
Sec 2 Where any person shall buy any neat cattle from any other person, or come to the same by, gift, will, or any other lawful means, then and in such case the person who has gained the same by any of the ways aforesaid shall within eight months brand the said neat cattle with his own proper brand, and in the presence of one or more credible witnesses, a certificate of which shall be signed by the said witness or witnesses as the case may be That each certificate so made out shall be filed with the clerk of the county commissioners court within ten days after obtaining the same. This act to take effect, and be in force from and after its passage

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A Bill for “an act concerning marks and brands
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Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Folder 70, HB 85, GA Session: 9-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,