Be it enacted by the People of the state of Illinois Represented in the General assembly. That all that part of Ogle County laying South of a line beginning on the Western boundary of Ogle County at the north west Corner, of Section eighteen in Township twenty two, North of Range Eight East of the fourth principal Meridian, thence on the Section line between Sections number Seven and Eighteen in Said Township East to the main Channel of Rock River, thence up the centre of the main Channel of Rock River to the Section line between Sections twelve and thirteen, in Township twenty two North of Range nine East, of the fourth principal meredian. thence East with the last mentioned line Section line to the north East corner of Section Seventeen in Township twenty two. north of Range Ten, East of the fourth Principal Meridian Thence South to the South East corner of the last mentioned Section line and thence East with the Section lines to the Eastern boundary of the county Shall constitute the county of Lee.
Sec [Section]2 That Lorin G. Butler of Cook county N Nichols of Whitesides ^county^ and D G Salsbury of the county of Bureau be and they are hereby appointed Commissioners to locate the Seat of Justice for Said County of Lee, And Said Commissioners or a majority of them Shall meet at
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the Town of Dixon on the first Monday in may next, or as Soon thereafter as may be, and after being duly quallified before Some Justice of the Peace faithfully to perform the duties required of them by this act, Shall proceed to locate and Establish the permanently Seat of Justice of Said County of Lee, having due regard to the Settlements, and the Convenience of the Present and future Population of Said county. ^And when so located Shall be and remain the permanent seat of Justice.^ If Said Seat of Justice. Shall be, located on Lands which have been laid off into Town lots, The owners or proprietors of the Same, Shall donate, and Convey unto the County Commissioners of Said County of Lee, and their Successors in office, for the use and benefit of Said county necessary Land on
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on which to Erect Public Buildings. which Shall be Erected there on, and Shall enter into bonds with Approoved Security to the County Commissioners and their Successors in office for the Use and benefit of Said county, to pay the Sum of three thousand five hundred dollars in three Eaqual instalments one third in three months. one third in nine months. and the remaining third in fifteen months from the time of Said location. And if the County Seat Shall be located on lands claimed by any Individuals not laid off into Town lots, The owner or proprietor Shall donate unto the county as affore Said, at least twenty acres of Land on ^which^ Public buildings Shall be Erected. Or Enter ^into^ Bonds to the county Commissioners in Such Sums and conditions as is required if the Same Shall be located on Lands
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laid off into Town lots And all money accruing from the Sale of any lands which may be donated to Said County or may be received ^on^ Said bonds Shall be appropriated to the Erection of a Suitable Court house and Jail. And until Public buildings are erected the Several Courts of the counties of Ogle and Lee Shall be held at Such place at in their respective county Seats as the County Commissioners Shall direct.
Sec 4. The Citizens of the county hereby Created are entitled in all respects, to the Same rights and privileges as are allowed in General to other counties in this state.
sec [?] It Shall be the duty of the Clerk of the County Commissioners Court of Ogle County to order an Election to be held in the Several Precincts in the County of Lee, which order Shall be directed to the Judges of Election in the Several Precincts in Said county of Lee established by the County Commissioners Court of Ogle County, to be held at the Several places of holding Elections in the Several precincts. For the Election of County Officers. ^for the county of Lee^ Which Election Shall be held on the first Monday in August next. which [...?] and Shall be conducted in all respects, agreeably to the provisions of the law regulating Elections.
Sec 5 It Shall be the duty of the Judges of the election so ordered to be held to make to make due returns to the clerk of the County Commissioners Court of Ogle County, who Shall issue his certifficate to each officer, So Elected for the County of Lee, and to deliver to the Clerk

Handwritten Document, 4 page(s), Folder 209, HB 260, GA Session 11-1, Illinois State Archives [Springfield, IL] ,