Th amend by Striking all out after the enacting Claus and incert the following:
Sec[Section] 1st The Jurisdiction of Justices of Peace & Constables ^In Civil Cases^ Shall Hereafter Be Confined To the District In Which They Reside, Provided that Justices of the Peace Shall Have Jurisdiction of all Cases Where the Cause of Action Originated Within Their Districts & Constables Shall Have Authority to Serve Process In Such cases
Section 2 It shall Be Lawful ^For Constables^ To Execute Subpenas For Wittnesses In All Cases Where the Justice of the Peace Excersices Jurisdiction In any Part of the County.
3rd Whenever an any Person removes from the county Where the cause of action Originated, Such Person may Be Sued In any District of the County In Which He Resides Before any Justice of the Peace Having Competent Jurisdiction
4 The Provisions of this Act Shall not affect Contracts Entered Into Before Its Passage

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Sect[Section] 1st that hereafter it shall not be Lawfull for any Justies of the Peace to issue any Civil process to be served on any Person living in a different disstrict from that in which the Justies of the Peace resids or in which the cause of action accrued and on which the Process issued shall have accrued in the disstrict where such Justus shall reside and the person against whome it shall issue resides in a differant One unless it is for the apprehension of Persons endeavouring to avoid Justus by leaving that fact shall in all cases be left to the decision of the Justus who shall here and determin on the Oath of the applicant the probibility or improbibility such of such represented esscape
Sec 2d Hereafter it shall not be Lawfull for any Constable to charge for travel which he does not perform and the mileage shall always be computed to the place where the [process?] is served this act to take effect from and after the first ^day^ of August 1839

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Handwritten Document, 4 page(s), Folder 24, HB 30, GA Session 11-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL)