Sec.[Section] 1. Be it enacted by the people of the State of Illinois, represented in the General assembly. That the county commissioners’ courts of the several counties in this State shall have the control of, and jurisdiction over all roads in their respective counties [as well state] roads located by State authority as by the county, and may alter and re-locate the same on application.
Sec. 2. That when any person or persons desire a change or re-location of any State road now located, notice of such intended application shall be given by setting up advertisements in writing at least one in such road district through which said road shall pass and on the court house door, twenty days previous to the sitting of the court to which application shall be made, and on petition of a majority of the qualified voters of each road district through which the road shall pass fairly obtained, the court shall appoint viewers to examine the route and [make the loca]tion and the proceedings thereafter shall be had as in cases of county roads (as now) provided.
Sec. 3. That where it shall be come necessary to have a road altered or located at a county line the same shall be agreed on and settled by viewers from each county to be appointed by the counties immediately interested
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and no State road shall be altered ^at a county line or elsew[here] ^ unless a majority of the viewers appointed agree on such change or location. all roads shall be surveyed and a plat with the courses and distances reported and recorded and the county commissioners courts are empowered to establish the main leading road four rods wide.
Sec. 4. In all c[ases where ob]jections shall be made and a remonstrance presented to an alteration or location of a road the court shall consider the same and act according to their best judgment for the Public good. No power or authority is hereby granted to change or interfere with the Great Western Mail route, or the Darwin and Charleston Turnpike.

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Bill for An act authorizing Commissioners’ Courts to Alter, change[,] & re-locate State Roads.
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Refd[Referred] to Sel. Com[Select Committee]^Dec 31st ^.
Moore &
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Ord[Ordered] to be Engrossed
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Handwritten Document, 4 page(s), Folder 88, HB 91, GA Session 11-S, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,