(Add this section)
Sec [Section]4 The salary of the Governor of this state, after the term of service of the present governor shall expire, shall be fifteen hundred ^two thousand^ dollars per annum.
and Provided that the Gov[Governor] shall reside at the seat of Gvmt[Government]

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sec. 5 To the Treasurer of the county of Peoria the sum of three hundred and sixteen dollars and sixty one cents, to be by him applied to the payment, of such sums as are legally due, to the Justices of the Peace, Constables and witnesses, who were required to attend at the taking of depositions in the case of contested election between N. H. Purple and W. J. Phelps, in the said county of Peoria in the month of September 1840
sec. 6 The said Justices or a majority of them, shall file with said Treasurer a certificate setting forth the amount to which each individual to which each individual is entitled, for services ^rendered^ in said ^case^ and said Treasurer is hereby required to pay out said money on application of the individuals certified to be entitled to the same.

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6th To Samuel B. Chandler sheriff of St. Clair County the sum of one hundred Dollars for ^being the amount of^ a reward by him paid for the apprehension of two fugitives from justice, who broke jial in said County in January last.

<Page 4>
12th Sec. Benjamin F. Friedly, late Sheriff of Kane County the sum of one hundred ^X^ and sixty-six dollars for the apprehension of William J. Saner a fugitive from justice.

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Strike out all of Section 3 from the 2nd clause to the 9th both inclusive and insert the following viz:
“That the compensation of the members, officers and Clerks and their assistants of the present session of this general assembly be the same ^per diem allowance^ as established by law at the session of 1838 and 1839.

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8th The sum of one hundred dollars to the Methodist church in springfield for the rent of the church for the time the Legislature occupied the same during the years 1840 & 1841.

<Page 7>
To Joseph L. Sharp for attending as door keeper for the Engrossing and enrolling Clerks of the two houses of the present general assembly and for attending on the Auditors office the sum of three Dollars per day

<Page 8>
9th To the clerk of the board of Auditors, to investigate the claims under the State House Commissioners, while in session, four ^three^ dollars per day, the number of days to be certified by said board.
10th To the clerk of the Investigating Committee, of the board of Public works, four ^three^ dollars per day, the number of days to be certified, by the chairman of said committee.

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11th That the Governor be allowed the sum of five hundred dollars for each of the years 1841 & 1842 to cover traveling and other incidental expenses

<Page 10>
Treasurer 3200
Secretary 3.000 & Six hundred
Sup[Superior] Judge 3000
Atty Genl[Attorney General] 1000 Ewing
States Atty[Attorney] 700 Sheahn
Inspc. Penty 150.
Speaker 7.
members, clerks, a[?]
same [?]

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To William W. Watson the sum of eighty one dollars for the use of a room for the Supreme Court twentyseven days at their June term 1840.

<Page 12>
14th To 3 Witnesses examined before the Select committee raised by this House to examine and report to this House on the accounts of the former board of Public works one dollar per day for each days attendance the number of days to be certified by the chairman of sd Select committee.

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Amd the bill as follows,
Second section item 7. after the word “thousand” insert four hundred
Section 3 item. 1. Strike out “six” and insert four Same section, Strike out 2d item and insert the following, To each member of the Senate and House of Representatives the sum of four dollars per day for each days attendance at the present and the last preceeding special session of the General assembly, and four dollars for every twenty miles travel, necessary, in coming to and returning from the seat of Govermnt. To the Secretary and assistant secretary of the Senate and to the Clerk and assistant Clerk of the House of Rep. the sum of six dollars per day. To the Seargant at arms of the Senate and his assistant and to the Door Keeper of the House of Rep, and his assistant each the sum of four dollars pr day
To the Enrolling and Engrossing Clerks of the Senate and House of Rep: each the sum of five dollars pr day. To each one of their assistants four dollars pr day for the time actually employed by the the number of days to be certifyed by their principals respectively.
To the coppyist of the Journals of the Senate and House of Rep. each the sum of four dollars pr day.
The appropriations herein before made ^shall^ be construed to apply as well to the present session of the Legislature as to the last preceeding session; but nothing herein contained shall be so constructed as to authorise any compensation
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for travelling expenses in coming to or going from the said special session
To J P Langford the sum of fifty dollars for enclosing a grave of the late James Copeland under the direction of the General assembly; and to John Brodie the sum of forty three Dollars fifty five cents for tomb stones furnished for the same as aforesaid.
To James W. Berry one thousand dollars for full lenth portraits of Washington and Layfatte for the Hall of the House of Reps
To Joel Johnson for room rent for office of the clerk of the Supreme Court from the 29th July to the 2d of Octobr 1840 eight dollars pr month. To Sarah Raimes for room rent for office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court from the 2d day of October 1840 eight dollars pr month, the term to be certifyed by the Clerk of said Court.
To John D Whiteside twenty five dollars for postage for Internal improvnt office
To the Speaker Pro tem ^of the Senate^ Seven dollars pr day for ^the^ number of days he may have served as such.
There shall be allowed to the Fund Commission all necessary travelling expenses, an accunt of which shall be kept and certifyed to the Governor for his supervision and approval to be paid out of the Internal Imprmt [Improvement]fund
Strike out S item 12 in Section 3 Amnd.[Amended] Sec 3 Item 3. in the Second line by adding the words “and fifty cents”

<Page 15>
That there after all articles purchased for the use of the State members of the General assembly and for the officers of the same [...?] shall be purchased by the Secretary of State and charge the State under his own name for the same. The statemet to be accompanied in all cases by the receipt of the person of whom the articles may have been purchased by said Secretary of State.

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[ docketing ]
Sen amendments to appropriation Bill concurred in by House of Reps.
Feb [February]27. 1841

Handwritten Document, 16 page(s), Folder 172, HB 238, GA Session: 12-2, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,