The Council of Revision have had under consideration an act entitled “an act to vacate the Town plat of the Town of Livingston” and return the same as improper to become a Law , because the fourth section of the act vacates ^a part of a ^ a street, without the consent of the proprietors of Lots which may be bounded by the portion of the Street proposed to be vacated. This would be an interference with private rights which would in our Judgment be both illegal and unjust,
Tho. CarlinSam D LockwoodThomas C. BrowneTheos W. SmithWm Wilson

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Illinois Council of RevisionCouncil of Revision to William L. D. EwingMr Speaker
The council of revision have had under consideration An Act entitled “A Bill for an Act to Vacate the Town platt of the Town of Livingston And have instructed me to return the same to the senate, in which it Originated with their objections thereto which are as follows vz[viz]
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Objections of Council of Revision to Act to vacate the town plat of the town of Livingston
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Geo. [Purmton?]
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Amend Said bill by Striking out the 4th Section
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The Couns

Handwritten Document Signed, 2 page(s), Folder 218, SB 2, GA Session: 12-2, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,