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originated in the Senate.
M L Covell Secretary of Senate
Sec[Section] 1 Be it enacted by the people of the state of Illinois represented in the General Assembly: That John McGhee the proprietor of the town of Livingston situate in township twenty five North Range one East of third principal maredian in the county of McLean, be and he is hereby authorized to vacate the survey and plat of the said town, Provided that the said John McGhee shall be the owner of the entire plat of said town, and shall make out such vacation in writing, which shall be acknowledged before some Justice of the Peace, and recorded in the recorders office in said county
Sec 2. That the town plat of the town of Cicero in the county of Sangamon be vacated. Provided that John Latham and Archibald Constant, or the heirs of them or either of them be the sole proprietors of said town at the passage of this act.
Sec 3. That blocks numbered Six Seven eight and nine of the plat of the town of Caledonia in the county of Putnam are hereby vacated, Provided that P. G. Young be the sole proprietor of said blocks at
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the passage of this act.
Sec 4 That the South end of Charles street, from first to second south streets in Colemans addition to the town of Bellville in the county of St Clair is hereby vacated
Wm L D Ewing
Speaker of the House of Reps.
S H. Anderson
Speaker of the Senate
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Amend by striking out the 4th section of the bill.

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No 91
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A Bill for an act to vacate the town plat of the town of Livingston
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to be re enrolled as amended
M L Covell
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1“2” changed to “9”

Handwritten Document, 4 page(s), Folder 218, SB 2, GA Session 12-2, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,