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not concurred in.
Strike out the 20th sec[section], and insert the Following
That the capital stock of the state Bank is hereby increased Two millions of Dollars, to be divided into shares of one Hundred Dollars Each, and the Governor of the state is hereby authorised to subscribe for and in behalf of the state of Illinois the whole amount of said stock, and there shall be elected by Joint vote of the present General assembly during the present sesion six directors to act for and in behalf of the state, whoes duty it shall be to do and perform all things which are required of other directors of the Bank, and the president and directors of said Bank shall make a detaled statement of the Financial Conserns of that insitution annually, and cause the same to be printed in some news paper in the state and exibit the same to the General assembly, at each and every sesion thereafter, The Legislature shall have the right in all cases to appoint a committee to examine into the management and financial conserns of the Bank, and for the purpose of facilitating such examination the committee shall have access to all the Books and Doccuments of said Bank, which may be nessary to enable them to perfect such examination Provided that so much of said act as relates to the state Bank of Illinois, shall not go into effect untill the president and directors of said Bank shall enter into an agreement to accept of and be governed by all the provisions of the same in relation to said Bank and said agreement shall be filed in the office of the secretary of state, There shall be constuted a fund for the purpose of Internal Improvement, which shall consist of
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all premiams which shall and may be raised by the sale of stocks and state Bonds the Bonus which may be received from the state Bank of Illinois, and the Bank of Illinois, Ten Dollars of every Hundred of the Land Tax paid into the state Treasury, all dividends which may be receaved upon any Bank or other stocks owned by the state, all revinew derivable from roads[,] canals[,] and other improvements, authirised to be made by the state, shall be set apart and Constute a fund sinking fund for purposes of internal improvement.

Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Folder 91, HB 96, GA Session: 10-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,