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Pay and Mileage Account of Abraham Lincoln, [11 December 1848 - 2 March 1849]1
Dr:2 Abraham Lincoln. Mileage– Per diem Illinois. Mileage Cv:[Complete valuation] Per diem.
1848 1848
Decr[December] 11th To Check No 145 $100.00 Decr By mileage, (1626 miles) $√1300 80 √$1300 80
1849 "per diem87 days √696
Jany[January] 29th """749 100.00 """1 day under resolution of the House √8.00
Feby[February] """1147 1100 80 √1300 80
" """" 696.00
March 2nd """1270 8.00
√$2,004 80 $√2,004. 803
A. Lincoln,
1Abraham Lincoln’s pay and mileage from the second session of the 30th Congress. Lincoln signed the ledger.
2“Dr” comes from the Latin word “debere” meaning to debit.
3Under the provision of a law enacted in 1818, members of the House of Representatives received eight dollars for every day they attended the House and eight dollars for every twenty miles of the estimated distance traveled from the members’ place of residence to Washington, D.C.
“An Act Allowing Compensation to the Members of the Senate, Members of the House of Representatives of the United States, and to the Delegates of the Territories, and Repealing all Other Laws on that Subject,” 22 January 1818, Statutes at Large of the United States 3 (1846):404-5.

Handwritten Document Signed, 2 page(s), Volume 39:261-62, RG 217, Entry UD205: Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury, Undescribed Materials, Pay and Mileage, House of Representatives, 1813-1889.