Pay Warrant for David Davis, 3 September 18531
$ 25000/100 AUDITOR’S OFFICE,2 ILLINOIS, No. 8456
Treasurer of the State of Illinois,
Pay to A. Lincoln or order, the sum of
Two Hundred & Fifty—/— Dollars, it being for
D Davis salary Judge 8th circuit Quarter Ending august 31, 1853
John Moore Treasurer. Tho H CampbellAuditor, P. A.[Public Accounts]
1An unknown person filled in the blanks of this partially printed document. John Moore and Thomas H. Campbell signed the document.
2Abraham Lincoln collected this warrant in person at the state auditor’s office in Springfield on September 3, 1853, presumably intending to deliver it to David Davis while he was attending the autumn courts. Lincoln left to ride the Eighth Judicial Circuit by September 7, 1853.
The Lincoln Log: A Daily Chronology of the Life of Abraham Lincoln, 3 September 1853,; 7 September 1853,

Partially Printed Document Signed, 1 page(s), Private Collection, Unknown.