Archer, Stephen

Born: 1806-12-19 Ohio

Died: 1887-07-18 Marshall, Illinois

Brother of William B. Archer, Stephen Archer was born in Warren County, Ohio. He moved with his family to Clark County, Illinois in 1817. He served as a sergeant in Captain Royal A. Knott's company of the First Regiment of the Second Brigade, Illinois Mounted Volunteers, during the Black Hawk War, May through August 1832. Archer moved to Marshall, Illinois in 1837, where he taught children in early Clark County schools and served as a trustee for the Marshall Female Academy in 1839, although that endeavor ultimately failed. Archer also served as a county judge and in 1860 acted as the justice of the peace in Marshall. At that time, he owned $6,000 in real estate and a personal estate valued at $300. Archer married Agnes "Nancy" Shaw in 1828, and in 1850 the couple had nine children. Nancy died in 1868. Archer married Rhuanna Thompson in 1873.

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