Balestier, Joseph N.

Born: 1814-XX-XX West Indies

Balestier moved to Chicago, Illinois, sometime in 1835. He formed a partnership with Thomas R. Hubbard, and by December 1835, the firm of Hubbard & Balestier were advertising that it had money to loan. Both Balestier and Hubbard were recognized as attorneys, though neither seemed to obtain a license to practice law in Illinois. By 1836, Balestier was making up to $500 per day in making out land titles. In April 1840, Balestier delivered a celebrated lecture "The Annuals of Chicago" before the Chicago Lyceum--a lecture reprinted in 1876 as No.1 of the Fergus Historical Series. Hubbard & Balestier continued until 1839, and in September 1840, Balestier entered into a partnership with E. Webster Evans. In 1841, Balestier moved with his family to New York City to practice law. In 1860, he was a lawyer in New York City and owned real estate valued at $25,000 and had a personal estate of $10,000.

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