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Bartlett, Homer

Born: 1795-07-19 Massachusetts

Died: 1874-03-29 Boston, Massachusetts

Flourished: Lowell, Massachusetts

Bartlett was an American attorney, businessman, and politician. He received his pre-collegiate training at Westfield Academy and graduated from Williams College in 1818. He read law in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and earned admittance to the Berkshire County bar in 1821. In 1823, Bartlett married Mary Starkweather. After practicing law three years in Williamstown, Bartlett moved to Ware, Massachusetts, where he opened his own law practice. In 1832, Ware voters elected him to represent them in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Bartlett continued his law practice until 1832, when he became agent of the Hampshire Manufacturing Company. In 1839, he became manager of the Massachusetts Cotton Mill in Lowell, relocating to Lowell and assuming his new duties on October 18, 1839. In 1844, he was a presidential elector for Lowell, and in 1849, Lowell voters sent him to the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Also in 1849, Bartlett became the treasurer of the Massachusetts Cotton Mill, a position he held until his resignation in 1872. In 1854, he served on the Massachusetts Executive Council. Mary Bartlett died in 1850, and after 1860, Homer moved to Boston, where he met and married Louisa Fowler Hubbell.

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