Broadwell, Charles

Born: 1800-12-03 Hamilton County, Ohio

Died: 1848-01-26

Alternate name: Bradwell

Charles Broadwell was the son of Moses Broadwell, who was a prominent early settler of Sangamon County, Illinois. The family settled there in the summer of 1820. Charles married Helen Carman in Sangamon County on January 9, 1825, and the couple had eight children. In 1833, Charles ran a steam mill on the Sangamon River at Sangamo Town. He was interested in the development railroads and canals in Illinois and was a promoter of education as well. In July 1841, he sold his mill at Sangamo Town and sometime after that settled in Pekin, Illinois. Following the death of Moses Broadwell, whose estate was considerable, there were some disputes within the family, and Charles and other heirs were involved in a case that Abraham Lincoln argued before the Illinois Supreme Court.

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