Cutter, Seth R.

Born: 1785-01-01 Boston, Massachusetts

Died: 1869-09-08 Sangamon County, Illinois

Flourished: 1828-1869 Sangamon County, Illinois

At a young age, Cutter moved with his parents to Cincinnati. When he left home, he moved to Tennessee, where he married Elizabeth Easley in 1806. Cutter then returned to Cincinnati, where he engaged in pork packing and mercantile trading with the markets in New Orleans and Cuba for nearly 20 years. In 1828, the Cutters moved to western Sangamon County, Illinois, and settled near Loami with their nine children. When he arrived in Sangamon County, Cutter erected a steam flour mill near Loami. Elizabeth died in 1835, and the following year, Cutter re-married to Mary Prosser Wariner, with whom he had one child.

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