Hall, Jeremiah S.

Born: 1809-04-21 Salem, New Hampshire

Died: 1882-09-06 McLean County, Illinois

Flourished: McLean County, Illinois

Jeremiah S. Hall was a bricklayer, shoemaker, farmer, and early settler of McLean County, Illinois. Hall lived in his hometown of Salem, New Hampshire until the age of seventeen, when he moved to Boston to learn the bricklayer's trade. He worked as a bricklayer and shoemaker in Boston for three years, and he subsequently worked in several other New England towns. In April 1832, he married Jane Combs in Nashua, New Hampshire. Jeremiah S. and Jane C. Hall would raise five children together. In 1834, Jeremiah and his family emigrated to Illinois, settling in McLean County, where Jeremiah took up farming in Stouts Grove near the village of Danvers. Between 1835 and 1839, he purchased approximately 404 acres of public land in and around Danvers. In 1850, Jeremiah owned real property valued at $2,000. By 1860, he owned real property valued at $8,000 and had a personal estate of $1,000. Hall was a Methodist, and he and his brothers were among the first Methodists to hold services in Danvers.

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