Johns, Edmund G.

Born: 1810 Virginia

Died: 1863-08-24 Springfield, Illinois

Flourished: Springfield, Illinois

In 1835, Johns settled in Springfield, Illinois, and opened a home painting and wallpapering business. Later that year, he married Almira E. Dryer. He was President of the Young Men's Lyceum and served as a lieutenant in a Springfield artillery militia company. Johns was one of many tradesmen who went bankrupt following the Panic of 1837, and he hired Abraham Lincoln to represent him in his bankruptcy suit in 1842. After filing for bankruptcy, Johns resumed his business, and he later painted or hung wallpaper in the Lincolns' home on at least two occasions. He also served as a city alderman from 1854 to 1856. His wife Almira died, and he remarried in 1857 to Catherine V. G. Forbes. Johns was killed in a street accident in Springfield.

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