Lavely, William B.

Born: 1808-06-XX Baltimore, Maryland

Died: 1888-01-23 Springfield, Illinois

Flourished: 1830-1888 Springfield, Illinois

William B. Lavely migrated to Springfield, Illinois, in 1830, where he joined his sister, Susan, her husband Dr. Elias Merryman, and their family. In 1839, he married Lavinia Constant, with whom he had three children. They settled in Springfield, where Lavely held a number of government offices, including justice of the peace, sheriff, and mayor in 1852. His primary source of income was mercantile pursuits. In 1860, he worked as a grocer and owned $3,000 worth of real estate and $2,000 in personal property. Lavely was a Mason and a member of Springfield's Temperance Society.

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