Lane, John

Born: 1794-08-13

Died: 1849-07-05 Equality, Illinois

Flourished: Gallatin County, Illinois

Lane lived in Gallatin County, Illinois Territory, as early as February 1815. Beginning in 1819, Lane served several terms as a Gallatin County Commissioner. During 1827 he opened a general store in his residence in the town of Equality in Gallatin County. Lane ran for a seat in the Illinois General Assembly in 1822 and again in 1842, losing both times. He served as Gallatin County sheriff from 1833 to 1841, and in 1839, the governor of Illinois appointed him a director of the Bank of Illinois at Shawneetown. Near the end of his life, he ran a tavern in Equality and owned over $5,000 worth of real estate.

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