Maus, William S. (Mans)

Born: 1807-08-05 Northumberland, Pennsylvania

Died: 1877-02-25 Pekin, Illinois

Flourished: Tazewell County, Illinois

Alternate name: Mans

Maus studied medicine with a physician in Berwick, Pennsylvania, then attended the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated in 1830. In 1831 Maus moved to Mackinaw, Illinois, in Tazewell County, and began practicing medicine. By 1838, Maus had relocated to Pekin, Illinois, where he was elected to represent Tazewell County in the Illinois House of Representatives that same year. Politically, he was a Democrat and a supporter of Stephen A. Douglas. In 1851 Maus stopped practicing medicine and devoted himself to a mercantile business in Pekin and to a farm near Mackinaw.

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