McDaniel, William

Born: 1803-XX-XX North Carolina

Died: 1854-XX-XX Mason County, Illinois

Flourished: Mason County, Illinois

In 1832 or 1833, McDaniel came to the portion of Sangamon County, Illinois, that would become Menard County. In 1835, he purchased 240 acres near Mechanicsburg, Illinois. In 1838, he moved to a portion of Menard County that would become Mason County, acquiring approximately 350 acres of land in the area by 1849. In 1850, McDaniel was farming in Mason County and owned real estate valued at $2,000. McDaniel's first wife was named Margaret; it is unknown when they married, but evidence suggests the union produced at least three children. In 1844, he wed Mary Lewis, with whom he had at least two children.

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