Beck, Nancy

Born: 1821-08-17 Sangamon County, Illinois

Died: 1891-07-30 Petersburg, Illinois

Flourished: Sangamon County, Illinois

Alternate name: McClelland, McCrea

Nancy Beck was the wife of Charles McCrea and John W. Beck. Born Nancy McClelland, she married Charles McCrea in April 1846 in Sangamon County. In 1850, census records indicate she was living with her husband and two children, James and Mary, in Sangamon County, but it is likely that Charles, who left the family for California in 1849, was not residing at the family home. In March 1856, Nancy retained Lincoln & Herndon and sued Charles for divorce in the Sangamon County Circuit Court, citing his desertion of her and their two children in 1849. Charles failed to show up to court and the divorce was granted. She subsequently married Beck, with whom she had three children. In 1860, Nancy was living with her husband and children in Petersburg, Illinois.

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