Servant, Richard B.

Born: 1802-09-23 Virginia

Died: 1871-12-23 Randolph County, Illinois

Flourished: Chester, Illinois

In 1830, Servant located in Randolph County, Illinois, where he began manufacturing castor oil. A Whig, he represented Randolph County in the Illinois Senate from 1834 to 1840. In March 1843, Servant was appointed receiver of the U.S. General Land Office at Kaskaskia, where he served until August 1845. In 1847, Servant was a delegate to Illinois' 1847 constitutional convention. By 1850, Servant had settled his family in Chester, where he was a lawyer and also sat on the county court. In 1850, he owned $12,000 worth of real estate. Servant was a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and was one of the first members of the parish at Chester.

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