Stone, William S.

Born: 1811-05-29 Kentucky

Died: 1869-05-29 Independence, Missouri

In July 1831, Stone formed a partnership with James D. Allen, which lasted until January 1838, when Stone took sole proprietorship. Allen and Stone sold dry goods, groceries, hardware, and a variety of other products at their store in Athens, Illinois. Stone married Martha C. Constant in August 1836, and they had three children. In March 1840, Stone was a delegate to the Sangamon County Whig Convention. In 1846, he left Springfield, Illinois, settling first in St. Louis, Missouri, and then moving to Independence, Missouri, where he became a merchant. In 1850, Stone was a merchant and owned $2,500 in real property. By 1860, Stone listed his occupation as a banker, and owned $40,oo0 in real property, with a personal estate of $20,000.

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