Stuntz, John

Born: 1780-04-10 Pennsylvania

Died: 1853-12-24

Stuntz and his wife, Elizabeth Hill, moved to Illinois in 1804, settling in St. Clair County. A tanner and furrier by trade, Stuntz purchased several tracts of land south of Belleville, Illinois. From 1824 to 1830, he served as a member of the Board of Commissioners. In 1825, he signed a document while serving on the board to organize the county's first school districts. During the Black Hawk War, Stuntz was a captain of a company of the Illinois Volunteers. In 1832, St. Clair County voters elected Stuntz, a Whig, into the Illinois House of Representatives. He lost his re-election bid in 1834, but in 1836, he was elected again into the Illinois House of Representatives. His wife, Elizabeth, with whom he had seven children, proceeded him in death in 1839.

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