Tallmadge, Frederick A.

Born: 1792-08-29 Litchfield, Connecticut

Died: 1869-09-17 Litchfield, Connecticut

Frederick Tallmadge was an attorney, local and state politician, police commissioner, and U.S. Representative. After completed preparatory studies, Tallamadge graduated from Yale College in 1811. He followed his collegiate course with law studies at Litchfield Law School. Tallmadge earned admittance to the bar in 1811 and started a practice in New York City in 1813. Tallmadge served as a captain in the War of 1812. He was a member of the board of aldermen of New York City in 1834 and of the common council in 1836. From 1837 to 1840, Tallmadge served in the New York Senate, and was president pro tempore during the last session. He worked as recorder of the city of New York, from 1841 to 1846. Tallmadge won election, as a Whig, to the U.S. House of Representatives, serving from 1847 to 1849. Not a candidate for renomination in 1848, he returned to his position as recorder of the city of New York, a position he held until 1851. In 1857, Tallmadge was superintendent of the Metropolitan Police, holding this position until 1862. From 1862 to 1865, he served as clerk of the New York Court of Appeals.

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