Todd, Samuel B. (of MO)

Born: 1793-XX-XX Kentucky

Died: 1876-XX-XX Boone County, Missouri

Flourished: Boone County, Missouri

Samuel B. Todd was the brother of David Todd and Robert S. Todd and uncle of Mary Lincoln. Samuel fought in the War of 1812, sustaining wounds during battle. The British took him prisoner, and he was befriended by their Indian allies. David Todd ransomed him for twenty dollars and brought him back to Kentucky. After the war, he attended Transylvania University and lived in Walnut Hills, Kentucky, until 1834. Around 1834, he moved to Missouri, settling in Howard County. In 1842, he and his family moved to Boone County, Missouri. He later moved back to Howard County, living in Fayette. In 1850, he was working as register of the General Land Office in Fayette and owned real estate valued at $700. He served as register until 1854, when he moved back to Columbia. In 1860, he was farming in Boone County and owned real estate valued at $3,300 and had a personal estate of $3,100.

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