Towers, John T.

Born: 1811-02-21 Alexandria, Virginia

Died: 1857-08-11 Montgomery County, Maryland

Towers spent most of his adult life as a prominent citizen of Washington, DC. He trained as a printer, completing his apprenticeship under Duff Green in 1830 when the latter was printer for the U.S. Senate. Towers was subsequently foreman under Thomas Allen. Towers established a book and printing establishment, which he operated until 1852, when President Millard Fillmore appointed him the first superintendent of public printing. Towers held this post until December 1853, when the term of his appointment expired. He served on the Common Council from 1842 to 1844 and on the Board of Aldermen from 1846 to 1853 - serving as president of the latter body in 1853. In 1854, he won election as mayor, running as a Know-Nothing, but did not seek reelection in 1856.

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