Wash, Milton H.

Born: 1819-03-16 Todd County, Kentucky

Died: 1890-06-28 Saint Louis, Missouri

Flourished: 1839-1842 Springfield, Illinois

In 1839, Wash moved to Springfield, Illinois, where the following year he married Mary J. Bryan. In July 1842, Wash was suspected of embezzling $1,161 from the State Auditor’s office, where he had worked as a clerk for several years. He was fired and he fled the area shortly after. In 1845, the state treasurer reported the total amount stolen as $3,309.27. By late 1844, Wash had moved his family to St. Joseph, Missouri, where Wash worked as a grocer. They lived there until 1859, when they moved to Memphis, Tennessee for a short time before settling in St. Louis in 1862. Wash and his wife raised seven children.

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