Warner, Jacob

Born: 1826-11-27 New York, New York

Died: 1901-03-01 Rock Island County, Illinois

Flourished: 1855 to 1901 Rock Island County, Illinois

Jacob Warner, railroad contractor and farmer, was a resident of Stuyvesant, New York, at the time of his 1851 marriage to Lucinda Warren in Ludlow, Vermont. Warner came to Rock Island County about the mid-1850s and was employed on the construction of the bridge across the Mississippi River built by the Rock Island Bridge Company. He afterwards worked as a superintendent of railroad construction for the firm of Reynolds, Saulpaugh & Company. In 1857, Warner was one of a group of people who had settled on the island of Rock Island and sought to establish pre-emption claims there. He and his wife had six children, four of whom survived them. Warner was described by a daughter as “not an irreligious man,” but having “no formal church connection.”

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