White, Horace

Born: 1834-08-10 New Hampshire

Died: 1916-XX-XX Chicago, Illinois

Flourished: Chicago, Illinois

Born in Colebrook, New Hampshire, Horace White was a journalist, writer, editor, and Republican. After graduating from Beloit College in Wisconsin in 1853, he relocated to Chicago, Illinois. There, he became editor of the Chicago Journal. He also worked for the Associated Press for a time, and, in 1857, was an editorial writer for the Chicago Tribune. In 1856, he was assistant secretary of the Kansas National Committee, a relief aid organization which performed fundraising and sent supplies, arms, and anti-slavery supporters and emigrants to the Kansas Territory during the struggle to determine the territory's slave status following the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act. In April 1859, he married Martha H. Root, with whom he had at least three children. White also served as secretary for the Republican State Central Committee, and was the Tribune's Washington correspondent during the Civil War. In 1864, he purchased an interest share in the Tribune, becoming its editor-in-chief about a year later.

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