Wiggins, Edward C.

Born: 1821-09-08 Madison County, Illinois

Died: 1862-04-06 Saint Louis, Missouri

Flourished: 1845 to 1862 Saint Louis, Missouri

Edward C. Wiggins, merchant and ferry company officer, was a partner with his father, William C. Wiggins, and brother, Samuel B. Wiggins, in the St. Louis firm of Wiggins & Company in 1845. By 1851 the firm apparently consisted of just Edward and Samuel. The following year Wiggins was treasurer of the Wiggins Ferry Company and he continued in this role until at least 1858. Wiggins was described as proprietor of the ferry company in 1860. That same year, he owned real estate valued at $40,000 and possessed $42,000 in personal property. Wiggins never married and had no known children.

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