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Williams, John (Springfield, IL)

Born: 1808-09-11 Bath County, Kentucky

Died: 1890-05-29 Springfield, Illinois

Flourished: 1852-04-07 Springfield, Illinois

Williams first started working at a store in Owensville, Kentucky, before moving to Sangamon County, Illinois, with his family in 1824. He settled in Springfield and soon acquired a job in Elijah Iles' store. He worked there for six years before becoming owner in 1830. In 1840, he married Lydia Porter, with whom he had six children. He was a friend of Abraham Lincoln's, and their children played together. In 1851, Williams became a charter stockholder in the Springfield Marine & Fire Insurance Company. A Whig and later a Republican, Williams campaigned for Lincoln in 1860. In 1864, he chartered the First National Bank and became its first president.

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