Woodson, David M.

Born: 1806-05-18 Jessamine County, Kentucky

Died: 1877-08-26 Carrollton, Illinois

Woodson began the study and practice of law in Kentucky, where in 1832 he was elected to the Kentucky General Assembly. In 1833, he moved to Carrollton, Illinois, where he continued the practice of law. He formed a law partnership with Charles D. Hodges in Carrollton that lasted for fourteen years. On November 1, 1838, he married Julie Kennett in Greene County, Illinois. That same year, he was selected to fill a vacancy as the state's attorney of Greene County, and he held that position until 1840, when he was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives as a Whig. He was a delegate to the 1848 state constitutional convention, and that same year, he was elected judge of the First Judicial Circuit. Woodson was a judge in at least twenty-one cases that Abraham Lincoln handled as an attorney in various counties across central Illinois.

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