Woodworth, Samuel D.

Born: 1796-XX-XX Buffalo, New York

Died: 1851-06-07 Henry County, Iowa

Flourished: Henry County, Iowa

Samuel D. Woodworth was a farmer, surveyor, and territorial and state legislator. He moved from his native state west, first to Indiana, where was worked as a surveyor, and later to the Iowa Territory, where he settled near Rome in Henry County. Woodworth married Mary Sample, with whom he had nine children. He engaged in farming in Henry County, and he also took a keen interest in territorial politics and the Whig Party. In 1845 and 1846, he was a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Iowa Territory, representing Henry County in the House of Representatives. In 1845, Mary Woodworth died, and in 1849, Woodworth married Susan Beaty Crawford, with whom he had two children. He continued his involvement in politics after Iowa became a state, representing Henry County, as a Whig, in the Iowa House of Representatives from 1848 to 1850. He died of cholera on his farm.

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