Young, Matthew

Flourished: 1832-1836 Menard County, Illinois

Young lived in a portion of Sangamon County, Illinois, that would later be subsumed into Menard County. Young moved to Marion County, Illinois by 1838, purchasing several tracts of land in said county. In 1850, Young was farming in Marion County, with $1000 in real estate. In 1854 and 1855, Young purchased additional land tracts in Marion County. By 1860, Young was still farming in Marion County.

U.S. Census Office, Seventh Census of the United States (1850), Marion County, IL, 46; U.S. Census Office, Eighth Census of the United States (1860), Marion County, IL, 144; Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales, Marion County, 146:6, 21, 790:35, 42, Menard County, 69:156, Illinois State Archives, Springfield, IL; Election Returns for the New Salem Precinct in Sangamon County, Illinois.